Charlevoix post office

Hi again. I am going to do my every other day blog. So here goes. Do you remember the old Charlevoix post office. The one next to the city county building. We put a tile picture on face book so you can check on it. It meant so much to me when we first moved here. Everyday I would go into town and check on my mail. Or maybe there would that much needed check. But better than that I would meet friends sort of impromptu catch up on the news…go for a cup of coffee and a donut at Boggs bakery. It was always fun to come into town. Then back to work at the grange hall. Do you have any memories of the old post office? Talk to you tomorrow. Sue

Doc Ratigans Dockside Press

Do you remember the Dockside Press? a little building on Belevdere St. With signs painted all over the building.. “Maps ,” “Rare books,” “Great Lakes Ship Wrecks” ” used books all kinds…How I loved exploring inside that cavern. doc was great with kids if they wanted a book and they didn’t, have the right amount of of money Doc would say “what have you got ” they would hold other hands with dimes and quarters . He would always say,”That is the right amount of money.” he just wanted the kids to read. Our son Russel would come hoarse with old copies of National Geographic,,s

what a fun way to spend a summer day. do you have any memories of Doc Ratigans a Charlevoix treasure

See you tomorrow. love to hear from you. Sue.