Gadoo the Cat An ArmenianFolktale


Sue has illustrated a children’s book Published by Wayne State Press “Gadoo” an Armenian folk Tale Illustrations by Sue Bolt.

The premise of Gadoo the Cat started with an Armenian proverb – ‘The cat which is a cat, will run after a mouse.’ Although the story of Gadoo was told and retold more than a century ago, it still has relevance, interest and strength to contemporary readers. The images in this folksy story provoke a smile and give credence to the humble, instinctive understanding of the Armenian villager concerning life and living creatures. In short, you can’t change instinctive nature because some things are as they are.

Published by Shoushan Books
Distributed by 
Wayne State University Press

By Susan Kadian Gopigian
Illustrated by Susan Collier Bolt
Published 2008 (Cloth)
ISBN: 97809801453-0-4
Size: 8.5 x 11, 40 Pgs., 28 Illus.