New beginnings

Well I am finally getting it together …January is moving along and it is cold and blustery. I think of all my friends in warmer climates basking in the sun eating oranges, walking on sandy beaches…so here I am sitting in front of a light box that is supposed to regenerate my vitamin D. I hope it works. Winter is a great time to read and write and think about cleaning my house. Boring but necessary…. Start with the closet or one closet. You can’t imagine what you will find that you haven’t needed or used in 15 years. Puzzles missing parts …hula hoops ,tennis balls that no longer bounce, weights to build beautiful abs , weight watcher cook books, exercise mats, Walkmans , Jane Fonda tapes ,yoga made easy, several old leatards, leg warmers, snow shoes, ice skates, x country ski boots, and I ask you how did we fit all this body building equipment in one closet? Well if you don’t see it you don’t have to use it and you can snuggle up in front of your light box and read a good mystery.. That’s it for today . To be continued…..sue