My Day of Painting out in the Wild or (PLAIN AIR PAINTING)

OK GUYS,Painting outside is something that artist have always done….It never had a name,you painted and drew with whatever you had in your car or your purse or back pack..a pencil, a pen,watercolors if you had them on you. Whenever the muse moved you.   Russ and I would pack the car and go painting. Sitting on the ground as bugs crawled up our legs…My water jar would spill.. People would come by and look at Russ’s work and then look at mine and compare.. Why did you do that? So I learned  to draw and paint fast,fast, move on to the next subject. Russ is methodical and I would be stranded in one spot…So I would pack up my gear and move to the next area that interested me. Gradually as I got older the studio was so much better to work in. My time …My mistakes.This past sunday was a beautiful day. So Russ and I decided to paint outside. So it took one hour to get it together.Pack the paints, stretch the paper, pack the tackle box, sketch books, water bottles,paper towels, sponges, brushes,pens,pencils, water containers…on and on, Oh don’t forget the camp chairs…..Out to the farm…Russ wanted to go one way and I wanted to go the other..So   he took the car and I hoped I had all my supplies together and off I went in search of beauty…of course it was all around me. I set up everything including my chair… Totally exhausted I sat down…to be continued tomorrow ….Tell me your stories…Got to  get to work.